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Galaxy Gardens
Galaxy Gardens

Our Guarantee

The Galaxy Promise
Six Month Plant Guarantee for Homeowners

1. Nursery material in a one gallon container or larger, purchased from GALAXY, will survive at least six months from the purchase date when the plant is installed according to instructions; one year when GALAXY plants shrubs.
2. If the plant does not survive, return the dead plant with the sales receipt and we will replace your plant with a new one of equal value.
3. Of course, no replacement shall be given if the plant failure is due to owner neglect, incorrect planting procedures, inadequate maintenance, “Act Of God” (such as high winds, excessive rain, lack of rain, freezing, etc.) pet or insect damage or vandalism: in other words, things we cannot control. Plants should be hand watered once a week at 70º, twice a week at 80º, three times a week at 85º, and four times a week at 90º. 91º and above, every day.
4. Our guarantee does not apply to:

Annual, perennials, houseplants, groundcovers or live Christmas trees.

Plants installed in above ground planters.

Roses (after the first three months)

Pampas grass/Purple Fountain grass.


No replacement or credit without sales receipt.

Returns: All 5 gallon and under containerized plants are fully returnable within 24hrs. This does not apply to any Balled & Burlaped Material due to the effect transporting has on such material.
5. Our quality plant material and expert advice on installation and care makes this promise possible. If at any time our plants begin to look “sick”, don’t wait until they’re dead: bring a sample to our Garden Center as soon as possible. One of our Galaxy Certified Nursery persons will be able to advise you of methods and products that will help ensure success in every new planting.
6. All Plants should be mulched with a minimum of 3” - 4” of quality mulch.
7. All claims for reimbursement with a value over $100.00 must have a Galaxy personnel come out to the property for inspection.