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Galaxy Gardens
Galaxy Gardens

It's Spring

Mother Nature is a fickle gal, as she tempts us with 70 degrees before causing the mercury to dip into the 40's again! If we're confused about what clothes to put on in the morning, think how the birds must feel. When was the last time we saw juncos and goldfinches feeding at the same time?

It's getting close to the time to hang up your hummingbird feeders, but in the meantime it is certainly the time to put out your nyjer seed. All feeders should offer a variety of food, including seed, suet, and sugar water. The songbirds will be looking for more nourishment as they start building nests and courting for mates. Wouldn't it be nice to watch a family of hatchlings raised and reared right in your own backyard?

Most birds are very particular about their nesting sites, so be sure to put up the right kind of house for the type of native bird that you'd like to attract to your property. Placement of the birdhouse is just as important as the type chosen. Remember, house wrens are about the only bird that will nest in a swinging birdhouse, so most should be post- or tree-mounted.

When planning an effective perennial garden, plant flowers that bloom at staggered times. Good combinations include geraniums and columbine for spring, bee balm and phlox for mid-season, and asters and sedums for August and beyond.

Birdscaping your yard isn't rocket science, but it does require a bit of planning. But your efforts will be rewarded with plenty of winged activity.