You know you want your lawn and yard to be the best and brightest on the block, but you might not have the time or persistence to do it.

You no longer need to worry because Galaxy Gardens has you covered. We will come to your home and make sure you have a lawn that sticks out and leaves the neighbors jealous.

We will take care of all your lawn and landscape maintenance so that you don't have to. Call us today to see just how we can help you.

A beautiful garden or landscape is the perfect way to show the pride you have in your home, office or property. As landscape architects, Galaxy Gardens has years of combined experience creating beautiful landscape design in Bergen County.

We have all the tools and knowledge to construct the perfect garden landscape with your visions in mind. We provide beautiful landscape maintenance, pond installations, and more. Making your perfect landscape design come to life is our specialty!

We offer the following Landscape Design Services:

  1. Excavation
  2. Pond Installation
  3. Drywalls
  4. Drainage Problem Solving
  5. Renovation of Overgrown Landscaping
  6. Grass Seed
  7. Sodding
  8. Railroad Tie Retaining Walls
  9. Plant Installation
  10. Topsoil & Planting Soil
  11. Erosion Control
  12. Landscape Architectural Services
  13. Patios and Walkways

Snow Services

Galaxy Gardens makes sure that your employees, customers and suppliers are safe around-the-clock.

Our certified snow professionals remove snow from parking areas, walkways, roads and entrances using top-of-the-line equipment. Calcium chloride is used on the walkways to help avoid freezing, ensuring that anyone who steps foot on your property is safe.

Our team is also trained to provide sanding and salting services which provide the additional safety required to maintain a parking lot.

We also supply salt, sand and calcium chloride to local contractors in the Bergen County area.


Galaxy Gardens is committed to helping you keep your landscape beautiful. Our lawn and landscape maintenance services are meant to do just that.

See our list below to see what we can do to keep your landscaping, garden or lawn beautiful and clean. Yearlong services include snow removal and garden supply.

Spring Cleaning

  1. Power Lawn Raking
  2. Brush & Leaf Removal
  3. Bed Raking & Edging
  4. Lawn Aeration

Turf & Bed Areas

  1. Lawn Cutting (once/week)
  2. Trim & Edge all walkways
  3. Maintain all flower and shrub beds
  4. Cultivate garden beds

Shrub & Tree Care

  1. Trimming
  2. Organic Shrub Feeding
  3. Ornamental Shrub Pruning
  4. Winterizing of trees and shrubs

Chemical Care

  1. Liming
  2. Seeding
  3. Insect Control
  4. Crabgrass Control
  5. Herbicide
  6. Dormant Oil Spraying
  7. Vegetation Stabilizer

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